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FolioLink offers top website designs for photographers and artists. These popular portfolio website designs appeal to professional photographers and artists because they are easily customized for a distinct look. FolioLink offers ready to go designer class website templates for photographers and artists, and offers unique access to customization tools so that visual professionals can brand their online website presence.

New! Foliolink's popular website service now incorporates an online marketing service for photographers and artists. This is a popular new feature among FolioLink clients which can be incorporated into FolioLink website designs or shared outside of the portfolio website templates.


Christopher Logan uses one of the 16 one-click design variations of Los Angeles to showcase his portfolios of high style fashion images. He opted to customize the site on his own accessing the built-in customization features. The Los Angeles design scales dynamically allowing him to showcase large images without sacrificing visibility on smaller screens. Look for his edgy Tragic Glamour portfolio and fun documentary work. Paid customizations $0.

LOS ANGELES - 16 Design Variations

Mixed media artist, Erin Rachel Hudak, utilizes a stunning color palette. Her poetic themes are political and perceptive mixing an energetic use of color and playfulness with a sense of dread. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Erin customized her Los Angeles design by adding accent colors that are in keeping with her color palette. Paid customizations $0.

LOS ANGELES - 16 Design Variations

Christina Macfarlane's work offers an interesting mix of fashion and personal work. Her underwater portfolio makes beautiful and at times unexpected use of light. Christina's choice of one of the white minimalist Los Angeles designs sets off her work with an elegant simplicity. Paid customizations $0.

LOS ANGELES - 16 Design Variations

Dorte Johannsen's sensitive portraits in black and white transport the viewer to Africa. His use of the Los Angeles design puts all emphasis on his black and white wildlife portraits. Dorte's large images easily scale to fit both large and small screens. Paid customizations $0.

LOS ANGELES - 16 Design Variations

Aaron Kotowski is an award winning photographer based out of New Haven, CT. Recent work includes a cinematic look at the military. Aaron's signature style is evident no matter the subject. His use of the introductory slideshow feature gives the site visitor a sneak peak at his portfolio contents. Paid customizations $0.

LOS ANGELES - 16 Design Variations

We love the above samples and there are 100s of other very talented clients using Los Angeles. Feel free to inquire if you did not see some feature or a sample site that is close to your line of work.

The 16 1-click design variations get most photographers and artists going instantly. We guarantee that you can get results like the sample sites we feature. Experienced users have access to XML customization documentation.

Unlike other services, with FolioLink you are not locked in a specific design. Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to switch

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