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Foliolink Client Reviews

Our clients are a great group of people who we enjoy working with every day. FolioLink is trusted by thousands and we do our best to handle each client individually. Many of our clients found here have been with us for years. We invite you to read their FolioLink reviews and explore their bios.

Regina Allen

Brasilia HTML


Regina Allen is a nationally exhibiting artist who has shown in cities throughout the US including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Nashville, and Austin. Her work has been included in New American Paintings. Regina creates inspiring paintings and collages that use the patterns and colors of landscape, focusing on places where there is tension between people and their environment. Her art sensuously captures the enduring beauty of the land, expressing tentative hopefulness along with her concerns about global climate change.

I love your website service for artists. I recently completed the city of Austin program Artist Inc and recommended you to many of the artists there who were struggling to use Square Space or paying professionals to design their sites. One of my fellow artist-friends joined up with you. You guys are the best for visual artists!

jadina lilien



Jadina Lilien currently lives and works in New York City. She was trained in theater, painting and photography as an undergraduate at the Museum School in Boston using these skills to create films at New York University where she received an MFA. Since then, Jadina's art work and films have been shown in galleries in the United States and in Europe. In 2013 she received a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in screenwriting. NYFA is the fiscal sponsor for the book and exhibition "Butterfly Against the Wind".

Everyday we speak to so many people online, on the phone and often times it's so unpleasant that we dread when a business call is needed. After more than five years speaking with the folks at FolioLink I am always astonished by the consistency of kindness and time given to whatever I need. When I get off the phone, I feel inspired to work on my website and share my work with others. The interaction changes how I look at the process. Their sincerity, that's what touches me.

Sebastian Rich



Sebastian Rich has been a photographer /cameraman in hard news, documentary and current affairs all his working life. He joined Independent Television News (UK) in 1980 and developed a gift for being in the right place at the right time on some of the world's biggest breaking news stories; he gained a reputation not just as an uncompromising cameraman in the theatre of war but also as an insightful and highly talented photographer. Jon Snow the highly regarded British television journalist, describes Sebastian in the forward of his first book 'People I Have Shot' as ("Probably the finest news cameraman and photographer of his time. His camera work is amongst the most sensitive I have ever witnessed" Jon Snow, Channel 4 News)

My work takes me to the most hostile conflict areas of the world. I don't have time to worry about the technical details of my website. FolioLink has been quite extraordinary in their unparalleled back up, technical and emotional! I say emotional as I am a complete Luddite when it comes to the mysterious inner workings of computers nor do I care. FolioLink has taken all technical issues away from me and has let me do what I do, take photographs. The new Miami design is just the most simple and beautiful design. I absolutely adore it. This is the first endorsement that I have given in over forty years of being a photographer. Thank you so much FolioLink. Sebastian Rich - 12 October 2015 on location for UNICEF in South Sudan A photographer of war and occasionally peace.


Los Angeles


Erin Rachel Hudak is a painter, photographer and installation artist. Her work explores the polarities of grief and joy, grit and beauty, love and loss. She covers and uncovers frantic messages when painting like an archaeologist who discovers and then reburies a treasure. Hudak embraces these discoveries, however and often turns them into numerous works such as performances or installations using words, quips and objects to represent the themes of death and rebirth, freedom and entrapment. Hudak sees her work as a public diary, by revealing tender but powerful feelings to her viewer she allows you to journey with her through the pain and exultation of life. She attended Allegheny College and received her BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She was recently awarded a fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center where she was a resident for May 2006. She currently lives and works in her studio in Brooklyn NY.

Folio Link was the perfect solution to my web site needs. I am very design conscious and did not like the other self made web sites that I had seen. Then I found Folio Link and I was so impressed by the choices and the designs I was given plus they are very affordable. While I learned how to use the Folio Link system everyone at Folio Link was so helpful and patient on the phone and e-mail every time I had questions. Now it is so easy and I am able to update my web site constantly and change whatever I want, which I love! I have had so many compliments on my web site and it's thanks to Folio Link!

Christopher Dodds

Auckland (v.RC2a)


I first discovered my love of nature at a young age during family camping trips in the great Canadian outdoors after moving to Canada from England. It was with my first camera that I realized I could freeze fleeting glimpses of birds, and study every detail of their intricate beauty. Always wanting to produce better, more artistic images, I soon realized that an intimate knowledge of my subject and it's behavior played a key role. Years later, I am a free-lance nature photographer and more passionate than ever about capturing images of birds in a technically perfect, artistic manner. My usual gear includes: Canon 1DS mark II and Canon 1D mark II digital camera bodies and Canon 500 F4 IS, 300mm F2.8 IS and 70-200mm F2.8 IS Lenses. Today, Chris travels the world and teaches bird photography workshops to a growing clientele. His images are collected and published regularly.

Wow, from nothing to a website that draws rave reviews in less than 24 hours. I just couldn't imagine getting one more compliment without thanking the FolioLink team for such a pleasant introduction to "building" a web site. I've been wanting a web presence for so long, but have been unable to invest the time to try to design and build my own site. Although I'm impressed with the choice of easy to use templates, it's the SERVICE that impresses me the most. Once I looked at all of the templates, it was off to the races to upload images into my different galleries. I highly recommend FolioLink for a professional and cost effective web site. Thank you FolioLink!!

Jeremy Mayer

Auckland (v.RC2a)


Jeremy Mayer disassembles typewriters and then reassembles them into full-scale human figures. He does not solder, weld, or glue these assemblages together- the process is entirely cold assembly. He thinks of the typewriter as ....a product of nature- it was designed by minds immersed in nature around them, and mimicked the curves, geometry, and physical processes abounding in nature. Though it is cold metal created by human hands, the typewriter is just as much a natural material as stone or wood......He lives and works in Tahoe City, CA

I can not imagine maintaining a website that is any easier to customize, and search engine optimization is effortless. Any questions I had about the site were quickly and expertly addressed by the friendly and patient staff at FolioLink. There are few things in my life that are unquestionably worth the money I spend, and my Foliolink site has been one of them.

Joel Grimes

Auckland (v.RC2a)


The one thing that I have try to do as a commercial adverting photographer, is to present and promote myself first and foremost as an artist. I want the art director hiring me to get a sense that I am more interested in the process of creating a remarkable image than collecting a paycheck. I have little interest in the image associated with being a photographer, my passion lies in the image that can put in a frame and hung on the wall.

When it come to building web sites, I have gone through the whole spectrum of hiring web designers, designing and building my own, to what I now believe is the future for creative artist like me; the drag and drop. Once a year I would lock myself in my office for three weeks and labor over building a site. With FolioLink, I can create a custom looking site in a matter of hours. The number of design templates and creative options are unprecedented. Now the hardest part about building a web site come down to choosing my images.

Treleven Photography

Auckland (v.RC2a)


Classic composition, alternative techniques and flawless execution are the hallmarks of Joe Treleven's images of people and their environments. Each image exudes a timeless beauty, whether it is of a CEO, a coal yard worker, or a Mongolian nomad. Treleven shoots wherever his design, advertising or corporate clients need him: in the studio or on location, nationally or internationally. Committed to excellence, Treleven shoots the best format for the assignment, delivers top-notch final files, and offers responsive, resourceful production services. Along the way, he has earned recognition from Communication Arts magazine, Polaroid Corporation, AIGA, AR100 and others.

I thoroughly researched website services, and FolioLink was the standout choice. They offer the widest variety of well-designed templates, the ability to customize your own site, and great customer service all at a competitive price.

Daniel Cima

Santiago II


Daniel Cima is an award-winning photographer who has exhibited his work internationally in Argentina, Mexico, Armenia, Geneva, Switzerland, former Yugoslavia, Japan and several times in the US. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mr. Cima moved to the Washington, DC area in 1978. He worked as a Senior Staff Photographer for the Red Cross for 18 years, photographing disasters throughout the world. His cross-cultural communication skills, honed through his extensive travels, have been essential to gain access to the subjects of his photography. His body of work reflects the social conditions in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Central Africa, Russia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia, Phillippines and the US. Daniel Cima works as a freelance photographer and is a founding member of Metro Collective ( Mr. Cima's interest lies in people, social issues and the environment.

In my second year with FolioLink my jobs have increased beyond expectations. I have been able to show my work in a more efficient way, domestically and internationally. Also, new clients have been able to contact me which resulted in new assignments and photo sales.

nicholas sorlien



I am concerned about how my work participates in the cultures I am a part of and what meaning and use it has relative to these cultures. Because of the innate lack of boundaries in art and the art-making process, I believe that art can play an active role outside of the gallery as a direct participant in culture. I see art as not only passively waiting to be perceived, but also interacting, surprising, and appearing in the public domain outside of the structures designed to contain it. My work, and the research I do around it, is constantly trying to make these connections between power and the struggles for it; between definition and the lack thereof; between the boundaries of ideals and anarchy; between chaos and order. Therefore, I find myself working as much outside of structures as within them; outside a particular medium, as within it; manifesting as installation work, but also as video, graphs and group activities. When I am asked what kind of art I make, I answer that my work is conceptually driven, manifesting in whatever medium most effectively gets the idea across to the audience experiencing the work. Artist portrait by Jon Haynes.

I have found Foliolink to have impeccable service. When I call they call me back. When I need assistance they provide it via the telephone in direct conversation, or in immediate responses to email inquiries I have made. I was looking at other sites which were a bit cheaper, but found that I could not get a returned phone call after numerous tries. I have used Foliolink for almost 7 years now and am extremely satisfied with the customer service, design and functionality of the various site designs I have used. They are the best value that I have been able to find. Thanks much Foliolink crew!

Michael Bradley

Auckland (v.RC2a)


Photographer, Michael Bradley is based in Auckland, New Zealand and specialises in Commercial, Editorial and Sports photography. With over 15 years of experience Michael is meeting the photographic needs of a diverse list of clients, both on assignment and with stock images. Michael works for a wide range of corporate clients and sporting organisations including Netball New Zealand, ANZ Bank Ltd, NZI Insurance, New World, Skycity, The Warehouse Ltd. Michael is primarily a location photographer whose strength is working closely with his clients to achieve the results they require.

I have now used Foliolink for a number of years and have found the quality and variety of templates a pleasure to use. Being based half way around the world from the base of Foliolink has never been a problem and the customer service has been very helpful when I have needed assistance, with all queries answered promptly.

Jovan Karlo Villalba

Nairobi II


My interest is in the possibilities of the imagination. Through my art, I aim to stimulate one's vision and curiosity to create a gratifying and thought provoking experience. I think of my recent works as incomplete puzzle segments that provide a glimpse of pictorial worlds that are free to inhabit. Jovan Villalba is an artist living and working in NYC. Soon after graduating from The Cooper Union School of Art in 1999, he acquired a studio space in Chelsea, NYC. Since then he has been exhibiting his art in galleries throughout the United States.

FolioLink is a great way to showcase your artwork on the web. Their website templates are extremely easy to manage and deliver superb design. I recommend FolioLink to any artist looking to share, or sell their artwork on the internet.

Robynne Limoges

Auckland (v.RC2a)


As a photographer, my interest is in implication rather declaration. I am drawn to images that do not present a single-point narrative. The most exciting moments are those when I see something whose meaning and narrative are unresolved, an image that can disquiet and please with its beauty; an image that can conceal as well as reveal. I try to ask questions in a voice that does not shout, and the relationship between myself and an image is much like the conversation of two people who do not know each other well engaging late at night in a kind of sotto voce exchange in which the participants are required to lean toward one another, quiet down, and listen carefully.

Upon deciding to take the plunge and promote my photographic work through a website, I embarked on a rather long research project. I knew that I wanted to work with a team devoted to partnership, innovation, design excellence and superior technical assistance. Happily, I found that and more with FolioLink. I have developed strong relationships with the incredible people at FolioLink and they have supported me, and my work in every way possible. I could not be more grateful for that dedication and for the creativity they bring to the artists and photographers, both fine art and commercial, who are FolioLink website users. FolioLink is never static; they are constantly providing new formats for presentation so that your website can change almost effortlessly whenever you choose. I would also like artists to know that FolioLink's technical crew is available for free technical support and at very reasonable prices should you decide to use their design consultation and assisted re-design services. They offer great advice on image uploading and gallery/portfolio arrangements and most helpfully, how to link your site to other places in the most effective way, so that your work can be reinforced to viewers. To have that element within your FolioLink site raises awareness, but also sends a positive message about your activity and the potential you have for attracting audiences. For example, I was recently chosen by a group of curators to be included in a major exhibition in central London. It was required of exhibitors to establish a Twitter site for additional exposure and publicity. I had never previously engaged in social media. What I have found through this vehicle is that many, many more people are going to my FolioLink website after seeing an image on Twitter that they are drawn to. Without the sophistication of my FolioLink site, I do not think people would spend as much time reviewing those galleries as they now do. FolioLink is willing to spend time with each artist to create those vital links and to assist artists in promotional activities.

Steven DaLuz

Brasilia HTML


I am an ex-Air Force officer who decided to engage his lifelong passion as an artist, completed a BFA Degree in 2003, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and started painting like a man possessed. My interests are currently split between abstraction and figuration. So I've chosen to create two separate bodies of work. I share my studio with 2 other terrific artists and several poltergeists. The Monticello Gallery carries my abstract work in Fort Worth, Texas, and my diverse influences are Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent, and contemporary artists Odd Nerdrum, Dan McCaw, Antoni Tapies, and Vincent Desiderio.

The folks at FolioLink are fantastic. From initial set-up of my site (I was talked thru it), to various maintenance issues, I think I have been helped by just about everyone. Everyone was always prompt, friendly, PATIENT, and immensely helpful. I highly recommend FolioLink to any artist who needs an excellent website.

Lois Russell



I imagine the first basket as hands cupped together, a strong and universal human gesture. I can't know what my work will be about for other people, but I hope it will provoke something, be a starting place for an emotion or a thought. And, missionary that I am, I hope it will convert them to being artists, always looking for what is beautiful and interesting, perhaps where least expected. I want my baskets to invite people to look and touch. I am happiest when someone can't resist picking one up and holding it in their hands.

This works! After years of procrastination, I was able to make a website in an afternoon, and without tears. I love changing colors and formats with a couple of taps. So much fun. And real people answer the phone. Amazing.

Ernie L. Fournet

New York


Ernie L. Fournet is a well known, realist, visual, artist whose work in acrylic, pencil, and pen & ink gives the the eye the versatility of his hands. Fournet received his B.F.A. from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana and his M.F.A. from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His work has been exhibited across the United States and southern Italy. He has received numerous awards in juried art exhibitions across the U.S. and his art is also displayed in private and corporate collections.

Our FolioLink site has influenced sales! Any questions regarding our website have promptly been answered by the knowledgeable FolioLink staff. FolioLink continues to provide innovative web design with its growth and, in my opinion, is THE premier location for artists to be seen!

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