Professional photography website hosting includes searchable photography websites to showcase, sell and deliver digital files using an advanced shopping cart with licensing, digital downloads, custom quoting system and more.

Client Proofing for Photographers Professional photographers offer client proofing through their image archive websites. The archive service supports a robust searchable online database of images with an unlimited number of folders and subfolders.

FolioLink's image archive professional hosting service for photographers retains keywords embedded in IPTC fields and features a sophisticated built-in keywording tool to apply related keywords to images.

Event, wedding and assignment photographers setup their Image Archive websites for clients to view and order prints and digital files. Their Image Archives enable clients to manage image selections, organize favorites, share image proofs with friends and family, purchase online and more.

Sell, Deliver & Showcase 1000s of Searchable Images
The Image Archive is an advanced stand-alone ecommerce website built to address the workflow, proofing and presentation needs of commercial, stock, event, editorial, fine art photographers, artists, galleries and businesses.

Sign up for an Image Archive Account on its own or sign up for a Foliolink Pro Account and create a designer class portfolio website coupled with a fully searchable Image Archive Website in one affordable package. With a FolioLink Pro Account your Portfolio Website and Image Archive Websites work together to form a larger search engine footprint with two separate domain names allowing you to maximize your online exposure. The PRO Account features a "no commissions" pricing structure. If you are considering an Image Archive Website, be sure to check out the Pro Account.


* The PRO account "0" sales commission lets you keep more of your hard earned money. The Pro account has no hidden sales commissions or terms of service that require you to pay percentage of every sale you make. There is no better value when you take into account that the FolioLink Pro account offers a world class portfolio website and a full featured - no sale commissions - Image Archive.
Packed With Features
The Image Archive offers comprehensive ecommerce features, large file downloads, print sales, multiple allowed file types including video files, public and private client access, client proofing, a feature rich lightbox, image slideshows, and much more!
Fully Searchable & Built-in Folder-SubFolder Directory
Organize it Your Way!
Your Foliolink Image Archive is a fully searchable database with virtually unlimited number of folders and subfolders, nested in any way, allowing you to organize 1000s of images and files the way you want.
Sell it Your Way Without Sale Commissions!

Experience the difference of an advanced shopping cart that supports virtually unlimited pricing options for both physical and digital products. Photographers and artists can license images, sell royalty free images and/or prints at various sizes and price points, image downloads based on pixel size and more. Customize your settings with custom pricing, your own shipping and tax tables. All of these advanced features come with an easy to use template based pricing system that makes assigning prices to 100s of images a simple process.
PROFITS = Sales - Cost

With a FolioLink Pro Account there are no Image Archive sale commissions on any sale you make. So whether you sell $1000/yr or $100,000/yr, the service costs you $695** for the entire year. Compared to competing services that charge 8% or 12% sales commission this could mean up to thousands of dollars saved!

**$695 is the renewal fee. First year pricing is $790. Cloud storage fees are not included. A different account type with a lower annual fee of $295/yr with a low 5% transaction commission is also available.

0% vs 8% or 12%
Comprehensive Management Tools
The FolioLink Image Archive service is full of features to save you time when managing your large collection. The service includes batch operations for image upload, captioning, pricing, keywording resizing and watermarking. IPTC information is automatically imported as you upload images. Image fields can also be edited on their own giving you the best of both worlds. File types supported include: jpg, tif, psd, flv, f4v, mp4, mp3, mov, swf, pdf, doc, and docx. Some file types such as video require a cloud account.
Permissions Galore - Public, Private, Exclusive, Hidden...
Sophisticated permission controls allow you to better manage access to your content. Some controls include:

- Folder Download Permissions
- Folder Access Code (Password)
- Private Folders (Assigned to Existing Users)
- Hidden Folders (send a URL for access)
- Federated Folder Option (add a domain name to a folder!)
- Exclusive Folders (Access only contents of this folder)
- Branded Folders (folders with their own logo and color theme)
- Public Folders
and more...
Easy Online Management
All you need is a browser like FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer to manage your Image Archive. The Image Archive administrative pages are designed to save you time when managing your collection. As an administrator you can upload, organize content, apply captioning and permissions, apply pricing and manage users and orders. The display of your images may be fine tuned with access to thumbnail and image display sizes on a folder-by-folder basis. Control image downloads and download sizes, publication dates, slideshow settings and much more.
Client Panels & Lightboxes
The FolioLink Image Archive gives your clients a full featured lightbox to maintain their image selections. The lightbox allows them to sequence selections, rate images, view image details, add images to cart, and download comp files. They also have the option to share and print their lightbox selections. The Image Archive version that comes with the PRO Account includes a comprehensive client request workflow making it easy for you to keep on top of inquiries and quotes.
Create Many Client Only Areas
Your registered users gain access to a client panel where they can manage their assigned folders, saved lightboxes, orders, inquiries, quote and update their account information. You may setup private folders that require an existing user account (username and password) or group folders that require a passcode to access contents.

Large Content Delivery
The FolioLink Image Archive allows you to deliver content in a variety of ways. With folder permissions you can control whether your users can access download and enlarge view links. The pricing module allows you to specify the content delivered at the time of sale (sell by pixel dimensions, send original size, etc.) Lightbox permissions let you control the size of image downloads inside a lightbox and much more.
Our current storage implementation uses a hybrid model. Large and original files which can be made available for download are stored in the cloud using Amazon's scalable and highly redundant S3 storage architecture. Image Archive website display content such as thumbnails, and web images are stored in a tier 1 data center for fast and redundant availability.

Our system even allows you to meter large content such as video or sound files - perfect for people creating video or sound archives.
Cloud Benefits
Upload up to 500MB uncompressed files such as videos, TIFs, PDFs or MP3s. Deliver content using one of the most sophisticated content delivery networks in the world. The FolioLink Image Archive file duplication feature allows you to create a snapshot in time. Not only can you rely on the cloud's redundancy but now FolioLink's Image Archive also allows you to take a snapshot in time.

The FolioLink Image Archive with Amazon Cloud integration can manage sites with up to 30,000 distinct items. JPG files can range up to 12 MB and other file types can go up to 400 MB . The standard Image Archive that is part of the Pro Account allows up to 5,000 files at 3.5MB each.
Christopher Barr Photography
Featured Story

Christopher Barr is has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. From the jungles of the Amazon to the studios of Hollywood, his portraiture and commercial photography is published and syndicated world wide.

My web site is the heart of my business‚ marketing effort. It is more than just a place to park my is a reflection of me as a artist and as a businessman. I thought my needs could only be met by a custom web site and the substantial investment of time, energy and money that required.

I was wrong.

FolioLink has proven itself to be a far better solution. The intelligent design, creative flexibility, ease of updating and responsive support turned me from skeptic to believer very quickly.

Switching to FolioLink feels like one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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