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FolioLink's new marketing service for photographers allows you to create sharable micro-sites for select bodies of work. Micro-sites can be shared directly with clients and offer a unique opportunity to feature photographic work when submitting requests for proposal. Promo Pages are geared for a direct marketing approach with the option of social media integration for rapid Internet exposure.

Promo Pages support text, imagery and videos and can be aesthetically tailored allowing photographers and to control the look and feel of their self-promotion material and to support their established brand. URLs for Promo Pages are self-managed allowing photographers to generate easy to remember links to promotional material.

Sample FolioLink Promote Me Page Design: Versailles

This Promo Set design allows you to create a wall of thumbnails that are displayed in a container reminiscent of a Polaroid print. The display area can be setup to show a title and social sharing links. When the visitor clicks on a thumbnail a large version of the image is displayed. Each thumbnail can display its own unique text. This design allows you to easily change colors, thumbnail sizes and the spacing between thumbnails. The title and links appear at the top and remain visible even as you scroll down the page.

"When Foliolink asked if they could feature a series of my photographs for their latest product I was beyond thrilled; I became even more excited when I realized all of the tool's possibilities. Their latest service, Promo Pages, holds up to Foliolink's high standard of smart design, ability to make adjustments to hue, image size and layouts with great ease and with immediate results. Promo Pages is a powerful tool for me as a photographer to create a sort of "mini site" with an individual client in mind and without disruption to my main website. The page is viral where I can select live links to my website or other social networks, yet on a self contained platform geared specifically to a blog posting, potential job or gallery. This new product is nothing short of what I have come to expect from the Foliolink team."
- Wheaton Mahoney
Sample FolioLink Promote Me Page Design: Golden Gate

This scalable design combines the caption and display areas into one. The caption and links area appears as a popup layer after a specified period of time. The default mode is to show images as a slideshow. This Promote Me Page layout comes with many navigation controls to allow you to display arrows, thumbnails and much more. This particular example shows how Promo Pages can be used to request donations for a cause.
About Promote Me Pages

Promote Me Pages are standalone micro-sites designed for outbound marketing purposes. Upload one image to create a Promote Page or upload a set of images to create a Promo Set. Select one of various ready to go designs and your content appears in an elegant and scalable standalone presentation with an easy to remember address with optional share-this-page widgets designed to make your promotional content go viral. Each Promote Me Page design comes with various easy to use settings to adjust colors, image sizes and more.

Select from 3 elegant designs for you Promote Me Pages.
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