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FolioLink’s professional artist websites are elegant, beautiful and unique. Create a stunning search engine friendly artist website with FolioLink’s easy to use online tools and our friendly support team. All FolioLink portfolio websites include desktop designs, mobile templates, e-commerce, promotion pages, and 100s of features that will help you make your website and marketing efforts stand out.

Have a site already? We can assist you with the migration of your existing website.

Judy Nimtz

Judy Nimtz
Judy Nimtz
Judy Nimtz

Judy Nimtz is using the Auckland artist website design to display her paintings. Pairing her work with this color theme brings out the mood of each work. This setup of the Auckland design keeps the left hand menu open revealing the navigation of the site at all times. She has paired the Auckland design with the Mumbai mobile setup in a complimentary color. Paid customizations $0.

Tom Browning

Tom Browning
Tom Browning
Tom Browning

Tom Browning uses the Brasilia artist website design to showcase his paintings. The Brasilia design comes with a variety of color themes and can be customized. The design is particularly good for artists who want to display text alongside their work. This design also neatly pairs sales information with images. For tablets and smart phones Tom uses the Sarasota design.

Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht
Ben Hecht
Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht is using the Portland artist website design to display his artwork. The Portland design makes it easy for Ben to incorporate video which adds another dimension to the presentation for almost every portfolio in his website. Ben opted for the slider bar presentation for his images in order to create an immersive experience for his site visitors. Paid customizations $0.

Nicholas Sorlien

I have found FolioLink to have impeccable service. When I call they call me back. When I need assistance they provide it via the telephone in direct conversation, or in immediate responses to email inquiries I have made. I was looking at other sites which were a bit cheaper, but found that I could not get a returned phone call after numerous tries. I have used FolioLink for almost 7 years now and am extremely satisfied with the customer service, design and functionality of the various site designs I have used. They are the best value that I have been able to find. Thanks much FolioLink crew!

Anna Membrino   Sample Site

Anna Membrino
Anna Membrino
Anna Membrino

Anna Membrino’s artwork is featured in the Portland Design. This setup of the design bypasses the front page and opens a thumbnail display of her top portfolio. The Portland website design features a variety of color themes that can be easily customized using the Foliolink Visualizer. Multiple attributes of the design can be

Jeremy Mayer

I cannot imagine maintaining a website that is any easier to customize, and search engine optimization is effortless. Any questions I had about the site were quickly and expertly addressed by the friendly and patient staff at FolioLink. There are few things in my life that are unquestionably worth the money I spend, and my FolioLink site has been one of them.

Kristina Quinones  

Joel Urruty
Joel Urruty
Joel Urruty

Kristina Quinones creates beautiful multilayered abstract paintings. She uses the Premium account with her Oslo design enabling her to start with an immersive front page that leads directly to a video describing her work. Paid customizations $0.

Jovan Karlo Villalba

FolioLink is a great way to showcase your artwork on the web. Their website templates are extremely easy to manage and deliver superb design. I recommend FolioLink to any artist looking to share, or sell their artwork on the internet.


Judy Miller uses the Auckland artist website design to display her exciting artwork. This setup of the design minimizes the left hand menu putting more emphasis on her art. She has paired the Auckland design with the Mumbai mobile setup. Paid customizations $0.

Heidi Lewis

I was originally drawn to FolioLink because I liked the sharp, professional look of their sample websites for artists. I had been looking for an easy-to-use system that would allow me to design and maintain my own site without costing an arm and a leg. FolioLink provided me with everything I had been looking for. I was able to create my basic site and upload my artwork within a couple of hours, and I was up and running with a fully functional website by the end of the day. People have complimented me on my site, assuming that it was created by professionals. I am happy to refer them to FolioLink, knowing that they will be as thrilled with the results as I am!!


In addition to photography portfolio websites FolioLink offers Promo Pages that allow our artists to quickly create cool mini-websites. These mini-sites support imagery, text and embedded videos, and offer incredible opportunities to share media rich content and stories via email, blog, etc. FolioLink is the only service of its kind to include this additional and valuable feature. Visit these Promo Pages by clicking on the thumbnails.

Versailles Design
Versailles design
Versailles Design
Acadia Design
Central Park Design
Central Park Design


FolioLink has been serving artists with their online portfolios since 2003. Here are a few more websites from FolioLink artists that use a variety of FolioLink designs. We invite you to sign up for a free FolioLink 30 day trial account to see how your work will look with our many design options. You can find links to the free trial at the top and bottom of this document.

Elegant Portfolio Website Designs

Showcase your best work in an elegant and user friendly FolioLink artist website.

Website Management

Easy to use website management tools mean you can easily update your content and design choices at any time.


Your Domain Name

Register a domain name through FolioLink or use one that you registered with a third party. We will help you with setup.

Mobile Sites

Upload your images one time. FolioLink automatically creates mobile versions for smart phones and tablets. FolioLink HTML5 designs are mobile friendly.

Social Media Integration

Our HTML5 website designs come with extensive social media functionality.

Awesome Tech Support

Our support team is awesome. We have been working with artists since 2003 and care about your online success. Talk to us, email us, and use our online ticket system. See what clients are saying about us here

Sell Online

Sell as many items as you want with your FolioLink ecommerce cart. We don’t take commissions on any of your online sales!

Customize Your Website, Make it Unique Like Your Art!

Our premium and pro accounts include a visual design editor, "The Visualizer" that is specific to each design and provides 100s of ways to customize your website.


Built-in search engine optimization tools allow you to control your metadata, browser titles and more for every page in your site.

Promote your Website with Promo Pages

Promo Pages allow you to create marketing pieces that live outside your website. These media rich mini sites allow you to promote your work and to showcase special projects outside of your regular portfolio site.

Large Image Display

FolioLink smart scaling HTML5 designs let’s you WOW your audience. The service includes options to upload up to 1800 x 1200 pixels images that can scale to any device size.

Video Integration

Showcase your videos in your portfolio website. Our HTML5 designs allow you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos right in your portfolios.

Switch Designs or Color Themes at Any Time

You can switch to a new design at any time! Change your online look with just two clicks as often as you wish.

Image Catalog Site

Do you have 100s or a few 1000 images to share? Do you need a tool that allows your visitors to easily find them? The FolioLink Image Catalog supports keyword searching and it allows you to organize images in a highly structured manner. Request the FolioLink Catalog to manage 100s of images at no additional cost or use the optional Archive to manage and display 1000s of files.

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