Promo Pages – Cool Mini-Websites

Promo Pages – Cool Mini-Websites

All FolioLink website accounts include Promo Pages. This unique part of our service enables you to create multiple micro websites in tandem with your main portfolio website. Use these mini sites to tell your story, share work, create photography client sites, artist promotional websites, marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns and more!


Promo Pages allow photographers, artists, and creative professionals to create mini-website presentations. These elegant mini-sites support text, imagery and videos. Promo Pages can be customized allowing photographers, artists and creative professionals to control the look and feel of their presentation.

How to use Promo Pages

Our clients use these mini-sites as vehicles for showcasing new lines of work, gallery openings, special sales, upcoming workshops, behind the scenes videos, work samples, news, RFP submissions and much more.

Standard Hosting or Cloud Enabled

Standard Promo Page hosting comes with each FolioLink account, but for our clients who need unlimited access to Promo Pages we now offer Amazon Cloud hosting.

Spreading the Word

These mini-sites can be shared via email and text with a friendly URL, embedded in external HTML websites or posted in social media sites. Links to Promo Pages can also be added to your main FolioLink website.

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