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The FolioLink Pro account includes all the features of the Premium account, an additional free add on item and the Image Archive.

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Image Archive Website

Utilize a fully searchable image archive website. With the Pro Account your portfolio website and image archive website work together to form a larger search engine footprint with two separate domain names allowing you to maximize your online exposure. Your archive site provides you with a searchable website, client areas, allows image downloads and print sales and much more.



Standard Setup up to 5,000 Images, 3.5 MB JPGs only
Cloud Setup up to 50,000 files / up to 100MB files (12MB Compressed JPGs)
Virtually Unlimited Folders and Sub-Folders
File types supported include: jpg, tif, psd, flv, f4v, mp4, mp3, mov, swf pano, pdf, doc, and docx.


Batch Uploading
Batch Pricing
Batch Captioning
Batch Keywording
Batch Resizing
IPTC Import 
Keyword Suggestion Tool


Digital File Delivery
Permit/Restrict File Downloads
Permit/Restrict File Size Access
Permit/Restrict File Access to Registered Users/ Casual Visitors
Selectively Watermark Based on Image Size and/or Folder
Image Sizes 3.5MB Files with Standard Set Up
Image Sizes 12MB JPGS and 100+MB for non JPG Formats with Cloud Setup 


Password Protected
Folder Nesting Unlimited
Federated Optional
Contributors Optional


Search by Term or Keyword
Browse by Folder/Subfolder
Browse by Category
Conduct Advanced Search
Visit Assigned Folders/Proofing Folders
Keyword Tool
Automated Categories Optional


Client Login Panel
Lightbox Manager (Favorites Selection)
Share Lightbox
Request Info/Pricing
Print Lightbox
Shopping Cart Management


Unlimited Pricing Options
Discount Codes
Multiple Order of Single Item
Paypal Standard Integration
Paypal Pro Integration
Tax and Shipping Tables
Built-in Quote Management


Select Color Theme
Customize Color Theme (Limited)
Control Image Sizes
Include Welcome Text
Logo Display
Watermark Display – Text or Graphic


Social Media Integration

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FolioLink includes 100s of features in the following areas:


To showcase your work in elegant designs targeting various screen sizes such as desktops, tables and mobile phones. Features that allow you to mix designs (i.e. show this design to desktop users and this one to mobile users). In addition to supporting the latest HTML5 adaptive techniques we support immersive Flash site with HTML fall back shadow sites.

Build & Update

The Foliolink service has an elegant administrative interface to help you batch upload your images, edit your text pages and setup portfolios with easy to use drag and drop functionality. The service includes a built-in editor to craft custom thumbnails, batch tools and more.


In addition to your site with Foliolink’s Promo pages you can create micro websites for your announcements and marketing tasks. These microsites may be referenced in newsletters, Blogs and more. The Foliolink promotion features also include a Blog, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and features that allow users to create rich media shares in social sites.


Foliolink Portfolio websites come with an easy to setup ecommerce solution that supports multiple price points and integration with your PayPal account. The FolioLink Catalog and Image Archive add another level of ecommerce functionality with a fully searchable add-on site that supports client areas and advanced sales.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a trial or paid account with FolioLink or call us to discuss your website needs.

How do I get the First 6 Months Discount?

Send an email to requesting the discount code for a TurnKey, Premium or Pro account

Do I need Hosting?

Hosting is included for all accounts. Have a special circumstance with thousands of files? We offer cloud integration to cover extensive file hosting needs beyond normal account setup.

Can you help move my current website over to FolioLink?

Yes. Send us a link to your current site.

Do you offer SEO Consultations?

The FolioLink service comes with video tutorials and help docs, but if you need additional advice you can work with one of our consultants. Hourly rates apply.

How many images can I have in a Portfolio?

We do not meter the number of images that you put in a portfolio. Most of our clients have an average of 20 images in each portfolio. You can, of course, have a greater or lesser number. For optimal load times we recommend uploading well optimized images. If you have a very large collection of work and need to deliver images to clients or offer downloadable files we recommend that you consider the catalog or Pro Account which are designed for this purpose.

What does unlimited mean?

Unlimited means there is not a hard limit set. We do monitor performance and will address any service issues caused by unusual resource utilization.

Do you sell domain names?

Yes. You can register domain names through FolioLink or if you have a domain name already registered we can assist you with linking it to your FolioLink website.

Do you offer email?

Yes. We can assist you with the purchase of a Google Apps email that will work with your domain name.

I am not an artist or photographer, can I use FolioLink?

Yes. Contact us to discuss your website needs and we can help you select the account type and website design that will match your needs.

Can I have more than one site?

Yes. If you need to setup a second site with us, contact us directly as we typically offer discounts on second sites.

Do you offer a two-year plan?

Yes. Call us for a discount on a two year plan.

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