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Designs (Responsive HTML5 and other options)

No previous experience necessary.

FolioLink portfolio websites are designed to make you stand out. Easy to use website management tools allow you to quickly setup your website, switch designs anytime and control image sizes effortlessly. Our website service includes Promo Pages, mobile shadow sites for tablets and smart phones, website shadow sites, customization tools, ecommerce, SEO enhancements & phenomenal tech support.

With FolioLink YOU can create a stunning website. Our entire focus is your success online. Many of our website designs allow you to customize settings like slideshow speed, menu position, custom colors and much more. All FolioLink Flash and HTML5 website designs feature built-in controls so that you can alter designer presets.

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Portfolio Website Features

FolioLink portfolio websites are packed with comprehensive features. Our service makes it easy for you to create a stunning art or photo website that you can maintain on your own.

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Many of our clients create custom websites with their Premium and Pro accounts. Our built-in tools make it easy to modify template themes. If you don’t want to go it alone or have a more complex request you can request a quote for our affordable customizations.

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Mobile Websites

Show your work on the go in a specially crafted mobile website. FolioLink offers mobile companion sites for tablets and smart phones. Just select your mobile layout, choose your color theme, and upload your mobile logo. The service does the rest for you.

Smart Scaling Websites

Take your website to the next level with one of FolioLink's Smart Scaling website designs. Smart Scaling designs allow your images to dynamically scale to the browser window. So whether your audience comes to your site on a small laptop or monster HD Screen you can rest assured they are getting the maximum impact from your images.


Whether you want to setup a simple ecommerce feature for print sales and art sales on your website or you want to use an advanced solution with client areas, lightboxes, image downloads and more, FolioLink has you covered.

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Promo Pages – Cool Mini-Websites

FolioLink Promo Pages come with your account and are the ideal solution to create independent mini-websites to showcase work, send announcements, share work samples and much more. These mini-websites exist outside of your main website and are a snap to create and easily shared. Our clients use them to showcase videos, send RFPs, share client proofs, create themed collections, run donation campaigns and much more.

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Image Catalog / Proofing / Archive

Utilize a fully searchable image archive website. With the Pro Account your portfolio website and image archive website work together to form a larger search engine footprint with two separate domain names allowing you to maximize your online exposure. Your archive site provides you with a searchable website, client areas, allows image downloads and print sales and much more.

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Blog Feature

The new FolioLink blog feature (Premium and Pro) is a simple and effective way to manage news, announcements, testimonials, accolades, behind the scenes previews and other content of interest that benefits from a blog layout. The Blog feature is supported directly in our new Vienna design.

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Audio Track Features

With FolioLink’s introduction of our Santiago I and Santiago II Flash designs, our development team created a new dimension to dynamic storytelling with the use of synchronized audio tracks. Sequence your images and assign soundtracks to them to create a slideshow presentation that automatically syncs with your narrative sound track.

A Beautiful Design Deserves Great SEO

Give your website the FolioLink SEO advantage! SEO Genius features allow you to add granular search engine information to every page in your website. Use our built-in tool to reveal how your site looks to search engines.

Excellent Technical Support

Not the tech type? No worries we want you to spend your time pursuing your creative pursuits. The FolioLink support staff is here to help you. FolioLink’s friendly support is included at no extra charge to help you with your art and photography website questions.

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